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Established in 1848 along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Lakeview Farm has a rich history as a classic American family farm.  Al Weyker, the fifth generation farmer, started Lakeview Buffalo Farm with his family in 1996. 

Al wanted to move away from the extremely labor intensive dairy operation he grew up with, but maintain the integrity of the family farm.  Raising bison, or the American buffalo, was extremely appealing not only because buffalo are very low maintenance, but they also produce a very lean and nutritious meat! 

Lakeview Buffalo Farm started with just six young buffalo bulls we purchased from a fellow Wisconsin farmer.  We started by marketing the meat to friends and family and soon the East Town Farmer’s Market in downtown Milwaukee.  The demand for our buffalo steadily grew, so we needed to get more animals.  We currently have over 100 buffalo on our farm that roam the pastures overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan. 

Understanding the importance of diversity, our farm is also the home to about 60 Holstein steers and a few dozen chickens.  On our 230 acres we raise alfalfa and grass hay, corn, soybeans, winter wheat, and oats; most of which are used as feed and bedding for our animals.

We invite you to explore our website.  Learn more about our farm, the animals, the health benefits, and where you can find our meat.  Enjoy our delicious recipes and find out the latest news.  Then come join us on facebook.  It’s all here, enjoy!

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