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The Evolution of Life

When I was a young woman, my husband and I bought a house in town. We set up our fenced in yard with a sand box and swing set. I would watch my kids play as I did dishes or cooked meals. One day my 18-month-old decided to try to climb the ladder of the swing set and was dangling by one hand. I leapt down the porch stairs and ran to the rescue. Of course, he was fine but as a Mom I was very protective.

About ten years ago I had my parents over for dinner one night. It was cold out. My Dad has had many knee and hip surgeries, so he isn't very agile anymore. I made sure I watched my parents as they walked through my yard to their car to go home. I realized at that moment it wasn't children that needed a watchful eye, it was the people who once cared for me.

My parents are embarking on a new adventure in their lives. They decided to build a house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I wonder every day how my Dad will adjust to not being at the farm. He has lived there his whole life. Plus, how can a family keep an eye on parents several hours away? Hopefully Dads new GPS watch will alert someone in the event of trouble.

This brings me to my next step in life. Moving back to the farm. I will be the caretaker of our farm and the animals on it. Hope the fuzzy creatures are ready for me.

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